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Here are a few words from some of Foxtrot Twenty's clients, past and present.  Some have worked with me in the capacity of part-time Finance Director and others on finance consultancy or finance project work. If you would like to read more about Foxtrot Twenty's services click here.

Chris is a knowledgeable individual and excellent at strategising, with thorough forethought and evaluation to make essential financial management decisions. He has an extreme sense of dedication to his work and conducts himself and his affairs with integrity for the companies he works alongside.
Chris has proven that he can quickly understand the workings of new businesses that he gets involved in to detect financial patterns and help predict future developments for the benefit of the board and company investors. This expertise has helped The Supply Register considerably over the past twelve months as the support has enabled us to react and implement strategies to continue our growth while also navigating a pandemic and raising further investment. 
With this meticulous planning, we have delivered accurate projections, models, and data that has given the investors and board confidence to invest further in The Supply Register while ensuring the teams stay on the right track and work towards achieving the business objectives.

Baljinder Kuller, Founder & Managing Director, The Supply Register Limited

We have been working with Chris for a couple of years now, we found his input invaluable. He helped identify low profit-making areas and advised how to improve business performance and profitability. He is a great communicator and we found that his willingness to produce visual representations such as graphs and explanations in layman’s language perfect to ensure we all understood the information and knew what was necessary to drive the business forward.

After recently undertaking an MBO in the company, Chris’s input into the transaction and the transition between the old and new management team was essential. 

Chris Hodgson, Managing Director, Neil Shacklock Plumbing & Heating Contractors

We’ve worked with Chris at Foxtrot Twenty for the past 18 months and as a result, we have a keener eye on operating costs, margins and profitability, as well as a better understanding of our options for the future. 

As a busy SME, my business partner and I rarely found the time to talk strategy.  Chris brings us together once a month for a ‘strategy day’, providing a forum for us to discuss issues facing the business as well as opportunities for further growth, which we’ve found invaluable. Chris is a very personable individual and his understanding of business in general stretches far beyond that of just finance.


David Challen - Co-Founder and Director of Aurora Technologies Ltd

Chris has enhanced the importance of the finance function at Alcon, a predominantly engineering and sales led company, bringing finance to the forefront of critical business decisions.  He has also made a positive impact on the finance function introducing a more pro-active and analytical approach.

It’s a pleasure working with Chris; he is very inclusive in his approach and is liked from front line to board level.  


Chris’ impact at Alcon has been substantial and there is a direct correlation between his involvement and our improved profitability. 

Alistair Fergusson – Managing Director Alcon Components

We were typical of most fast growth small businesses in that we had always focussed on topline. Over time, we scaled inefficiencies which had eaten away at profit. Until working with Foxtrot Twenty, all the financial stuff seemed boring and confusing. Our internal accounts team is great but external finance people we'd worked with previously spoke a different language and were so backward-looking that all they showed us was a rear view mirror. F20 has been a different league though. Chris has provided actionable insight, given us areas to focus on improving profitability and made a real difference to our decision making and growth plans. It's great to have someone from the outside give such actionable insight based on their experience in other companies too - it's a really useful sanity check. I'd encourage any business that has seen margin decline as revenue has grown to check out F20, as for us it's been invaluable.

Tim Cameron-Kitchen - CEO, Exposure Ninja

Chris has a natural eye for attention to detail; he clearly wants to get under the skin of the business to understand its inner workings.  I have worked with Chris on a number of projects and his consistent nature and reliability ensure that he always provides a meaningful and valuable analysis of the company’s financial situation.  Chris earnestly wants to get to the bottom of issues – it’s clear from his approach that he has the company interest at heart.  It helps that Chris has a dry sense of humour; this is especially refreshing when talking finance. 

Paul Jackson  - Partner, Beavis Morgan

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