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Giving motivatonal talk to new CIMA members

Chris Booth - Founder and Principal of Foxtrot Twenty.

I will be working as a finance consultant for your business, offering strategic financial guidance.  I will be doing the work to help your business grow.  So find out more about me...

I have worked in Finance all my life (well, not including my first job as a paperboy, or my second job in a bowling alley) debuting in the real world in a FTSE 100 company, where I joined the grad scheme and qualified as a Management Accountant.  I worked in various finance roles in this large organisation, including customer facing, operations, corporate and strategic planning and partially owned subsidiaries. 

I decided I wanted to understand how whole businesses worked and after 10 years took the leap to work as the number 1 finance person in a medium sized company.  I was able to get under the skin of the business, providing direction on margins, cost-control, planning and forecasting up to the board of Directors.  Seeing this company grow successfully, led me to get the motivation to see other companies grow. 

Foxtrot Twenty was founded in 2017 and has worked with companies in a variety of sectors, including; plumbing and heating contracting, fitness equipment, IT service provision and dairy farming. I have worked with my clients to develop their understanding of company finance and helped them with profit and planning for the future.  The role that I have played for these businesses has often had  a much broader scope than finance - I am quite often a sounding board for a variety of business issues.

If you would like to further understand how my experience can work for your business - get in touch.

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