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If you are company without financial direction, you will have some questions about business performance.  Foxtrot Twenty offers finance consultancy and looks at three main areas starting with the here and now. After an initial analysis moving onto creating short / medium term operational tools for your business and finally a long term strategic direction.  Foxtrot Twenty will delve into detailed financial analysis leaving you free to focus on what you do best.


  • Product Profitability

  • Variable / fixed cost base analysis

  • Margin / break even analysis

  • Fixed overhead structure

  • Budget / forecasts

  • Sustainable sales growth plans

  • Investment requirements

  • Organisational structure with sustainable cost base

  • Business plans

  • Product and market growth plans

  • Long term funding requirements

  • Sustainable profit growth

Here & Now

Short / Medium Term

Long Term

We understand that every business is different and will require some or all of these elements and often in different guises.  Whilst the financial tools maybe the same, the application of them is the key to Foxtrot Twenty’s offering.


Get in touch today to discuss how Foxtrot Twenty can tailor a solution to suit your business.

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