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  • Chris Booth

Christmas is coming...

Christmas is coming; the goose is getting fat… And it gets expensive, whether it’s a family feast for 20, an extensive list of Christmas presents or the open bar at the office Christmas party, maybe all 3… There’s no denying that it’s an expensive month. Luckily for us it’s one event that is easy to plan for… the date never changes! You can plan your expenditure in advance and hopefully you won’t feel the pain too much…

Unfortunately, not all events are that predictable, especially in business, but with some simple financial planning you can easily implement a robust strategy to help you cope with sudden increases in expenditure or even a reduction in revenue.

Businesses who are able to provision for the unknown are more likely to be able to survive when an unplanned event happens and ironically, financial planning for this comes in very useful. Having a rainy day fund can be extremely useful in helping your business through a volatile period.

If you require help with strategic financial planning, Foxtrot Twenty can help. From sorting out your rainy day fund; to increasing profits, maybe both and all in-between, drop us a line.

Merry Christmas

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