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Would you like your business to make more profit?  

Are you a small / medium enterprise with no Finance Director?  Do you need support with operational and strategic planning?  

We work with clients to create plans using the financial drivers of their business.  

Our aim is to give businesses the tools they need to understand the performance of the business to enable future profit growth. 

We can work alongside you as a part-time Finance Director or Financial Consultant on specific projects.   


Foxtrot Twenty analyses elements of company financial data to help business owners understand current financial performance and to develop this analysis to plan for sustainable profitable growth. 

Whether it’s to understand product profit margins or getting under the skin of your fixed cost base we can tailor a solution to help you understand and drive the business forward.  We use appropriate analysis tools to suit the age, size and complexity of the business along with the business owners’ vision.   


We have been working with Chris for a couple of years now, we found his input invaluable. He helped identify low profit-making areas and advised how to improve business performance and profitability. He is a great communicator and we found that his willingness to produce visual representations such as graphs and explanations in layman’s language perfect to ensure we all understood the information and knew what was necessary to drive the business forward.


                        Chris Hodgson, Managing Director, Neil Shacklock Plumbing & Heating Contractors


As founder and Principal of Foxtrot Twenty, I have over 20 years experience in Financial Management and I am passionate about Business Finances.  Find out more about how my experience could help your business with my role as your Financial Management Consultant.


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